Belle Vie

Belle Vie Food & Wine is a small neighborhood French bistro in West Los Angeles. We serve delicious French comfort food with local California produce. We offer a unique selection of French wines. 

Belle Vie – Food & Wine is a small neighborhood French bistro, and a local hangout. Our goal is to serve up some delicious French comfort food, while being inspired by local California produce. To top it all off, we'll offer a unique selection of natural French wines at reasonable prices. 
We hope you feel welcome at Belle Vie, like a local French home-away-from home. A no fuss refuge where Vincent and Cedric will take great care of you. 

Vincent Samarco

The son and grandson of renowned French chefs,  Vincent Samarco is a Parisian restaurateur that arrived in Los Angeles two years ago. He got his start in the restaurant industry at 18, and has never left. His most noted projects include developing Derriere, and the art concept Nomiya (Palais du Tokyo), both in Paris. 

From dive bars to Michelin stars, Vincent has done it all… and with a joie de vivre you won’t forget. Since moving to L.A., Vincent has fallen in love with California and has big plans for his future here. 


Cedric Nicolas

Chef Cedric is all about his kitchen. Trained under Gordon Ramsey, Cedric has opened over 6 restaurants in Paris, greatly developing the success of each one. Incredibly talented, Cedric can whip up Michelin-worthy plates, or serve up the best cooked comfort food you've ever tasted. Passionate and creative, Cedric is a newcomer to L.A. and can hardly wait to get his hands on California produce. Bienvenue, Cedric!

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